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    Understanding the Thai lotto System



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    Understanding the Thai lotto System

    Post  thailottery3up on Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:01 pm

    Thai Lottery in Thailand has always been very popular with the people as well as the monarchs. It has had a free entry for all, irrespective of their social of economic conditions. What is more commendable for the Thai government is that they have long understood the kind of passion people have for this game and has used this passion in more meaningful and worth way. It has arranged for lottery draw across all provinces in the country and money generated is used for greater social needs and developments.

    Thai Lottery has a tremendous impact upon lower and middle class society of Thailand. It is their shortcut way of getting rich and therefore, a large section invests in lottery. Thus, the government earns a huge sum of money from the taxes, from the lottery section. The money thus collected is used in all the development works. For the government too, earning from the lottery sector is much easier way of generating revenue. In all, Thai lotto is pretty beneficial for both the citizens and its government.

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